Here at Social Media Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with startup to help us optimize our Facebook page and strategy. As the work proceeds, we’re going to bring you all periodic updates on what proves successful, what we learn, and how we adapt. We hope all of our readers will find insight that’s applicable for your own Facebook strategies, and that you’ll weigh in with your thoughts.

ImageOf course, SMT has been wrestling with the opportunities and challenges presented by Facebook for years now, and though we think we’ve been pretty successful, our internal debate about resource allocation and tactics is always lively. In part that’s because the Facebook ecosystem is fluid, and changes to their platform –the ascent of the “Like” versus the “share” for instance—compel companies like ours to pivot.

It was in the context of such a change on Facebook’s part that reached out to us. Longtime fans of our site and page, they noticed that our handful of custom page elements relied upon deprecated and soon-to-be unsupported FBML (Facebook Markup Language). They offered to assist us in a transition, the ensuing conversations went ever-deeper into examination of our goals and their experience of best practices, and the seeds of a partnership were sown.

Now we’ve released the first set of enhancements to our page: crisper branding, the offer of one of our recent eBooks for signing up for our newsletter, and clear opportunities for visitors to follow us on other channels like Twitter and RSS. In the months ahead, we’ll look for increased referral visits to our site from our Facebook page, for increased newsletter signups, along with new followers on all our social channels originating from our Facebook page. Whatever we learn, you will too. So stay tuned.