The election for the 45th President of the United States is upon us. By and large, this election season has run as most do – with lively debates, lots of ‘fact-checking,’ and increasingly antagonistic television ads from both sides. But in one respect, this election has deviated significantly from those that came before it. 

This election, the candidates have been tremendously active on social media. In fact the Presidential debates, first in Denver and then at Hofstra University, quickly became not only the most social political event in our nation’s history, but some of the most social of all televised events. Hofstra’s debate is the third most discussed event in social media history, just after the 2012 Grammy Awards and MTV Video Music Awards, but beating out the 2012 Super Bowl. In our newest white paper, 160 Amazing Social Media Statistics from the 2012 Presidential Race, we share 160 staggering social media facts about the election. 

For starters, here is a snapshot of the candidate landscape as of October 25th:


As you get ready to drop your ballot on November 6th, here are some statistics to keep in mind about the nation’s social voters:

  • 88% of social media users are registered voters
  • 51% of social media users used social media to learn more about the Presidential candidates for the upcoming 2012 election
  • 6 in 10 people expect presidential candidates to have a social media presence
  • 1 in 4 social media users with mobile phones aged 10-34 said that “it is important to receive information about candidates on their mobile phone”
  • 38% of social media users agreed that information found on social media was as impactful in making a decision as traditional media 

The paper highlights social statistics from both candidates, including their digital presence, digital ad spending, social growth and popular content themes, highlights from each debate and voter information. Download the free paper now for even more amazing social stats from the 160 Amazing Social Media Statistics from the 2012 Presidential Race and share your favorite stat. We’d love to about your favorite on Twitter