If you have to make cold calls andImage you don’t know the decision maker’s name – you’re going to love this proven technique (and you can still use it even if you do!).

First of all, you have to use this exactly as you read it here – Do Not deviate from the order of works – and make sure to pause where I tell you to. Ok, here you go:

Again, use this Word for Word. When the gatekeeper answers, you say:

“Hi, this is (your name) with (your company name) and I need a little bit of help.”

Now make sure and pause here! Pause and let the gatekeeper respond. After she says, “I’ll see what I can do…” or however they respond, you simply say:

“Great. I need to speak to the person who handles your (your kind of contact person), who would that be, please?”

That’s it! This works like magic if you follow these rules:

1) Say all this with a smile in your voice.
2) You pause long enough for the gatekeeper to respond – completely!
3) You use the “Please” at the end – again, with a smile in your voice :–)
4) Use this word for word. The more you vary the wording, the less effective this will be.

Again, if you need to find the name of your contact or decision maker, you’ll love using this technique. Try it this week and see for yourself how much easier your job becomes!

Image: holbox /Shutterstock