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Our list of free photo resources has been a popular post since 2007. I noticed that one on the list had gone out of business and have found a few new ones. So, I wanted to bring you a new, improved list for 2010. Morguefile and Flickr Creative Commons are my favorites for truly free, not just royalty-free, images.

Please let me know if there are others you use that aren’t on our list.

  1. MorgueFile
  2. Flickr Creative Commons Service
  3. Stock.Xchang
  4. Image Base
  5. Open Photo
  6. FreeFoto
  7. EveryStockPhoto
  8. FreePhotosBank
  9. Image After
  10. Studio 25
  11. Free Stock Photos
  12. PD Photo
  13. Free Images
  14. Stock Vault
  15. Free Digital Photos
  16. Free Range Stock
  17. Unprofound
  18. Photo Rogue
  19. Free Pixels