How do you enter a market dominated by a monolith and succeed beyond everyone's expectations? Even your own?

In this convo, I speak with Neil Blumenthal, cofounder of Warby Parker about its socially responsive and responsible marketing. The company has disrupted the eyeglass industry by building upon tried and true marketing fundamentals using the emerging tools of web commerce and social media.

Before Warby Parker went live, its founding team determined what the company needed to do to break down customer objections, while operating in way its entrenched competition could not respond. 

Customers of fashion-forward eyeglasses were presented with a dramatically lower price, online convenience and a way to ask their friends, "Do I look good in these?"

All this from an environmentally aware company that turns some of its profits into eyeglasses for those in parts of the world who would otherwise do without — and has a pretty cool image to boot.

Your takeaways from this interview on how Warby Parker took core marketing science and applied its unique creative flair:

  • Superior customer service does not need to cut into the bottom line
  • Build virality into everything
  • Do the unexpected
  • Understand your customers and prioritize your marketing messages based upon what's important to them

Neil Glassman is Chief Marketing Officer at CMP.LY. Join his conversations on Twitter and Google +.