ImageeModeration, Carrot Communications, Kemp Little and Insignia Communications recently teamed up to host a social media crisis event at the Cabinet War Rooms with an invited audience of brands.


A bunch of brands thrown together in teams to experience what it was really like to have a social media crisis on their hands.  How did they get on? Find out ...


If you’d like to know more about the social media crisis simulator, or any of the topics covered:

eModeration – for social media management  information and information on the crisis simulation, contact Tamara Littleton, CEO: / 0203 178 5050 / @tlittleton

Carrot Communications, co-creators of the simulation software: Kate Hartley, / 0203 178 5052 / @katehartley

Kemp Little – Kemp Little has also produced a Social Media Governance Pack which may be of interest – this can be downloaded here. If you are interested in social media related events that Kemp Little will be holding in the New Year, please email Paul Garland, / 0207 710 1617 / @KempLittleSoMe or Suzy Schmitz, / 0207 710 1632 / @KempLittleSoMe

Insignia Communications, for reputation management and crisis management consultancy: Jonathan Hemus, / 0121 382 5304 / @jhemusinsignia