Company X has decided to run a promotion on their Facebook page.

They've created the promotion tab using an approved Facebook Promo App and it's ready to launch. Their confident that the promotion will take off and go viral.  They intend to simply post a link to their Facebook page and sit back to watch the promotion take off.

DANGER!  They've fallen into the "if you build it, they will come" fallacy.  

Simply having a promotion live on a Facebook page is not the end.  A central key to the success of any Facebook promotion is to capture attention of fans and drive them to the tab on the Facebook page.

To many businesses are failing at this key juncture.  

Getting the attention of and making it easy for all fans (desktop and mobile) to access the promotion can totally make or break a promotion in terms of getting traction!  It can mean the difference between 5 entries and 500 entries; between 5 Likes and Shares and 5000 Likes and Shares!

So how can a company best get the word out on Facebook about their promotion?

The Answer:

Post a Photo to the page News Feed.  It must include a call to action and a Smart URL in the image description field similar to this example below:


Why a Photo?

Facebook, in its own research, found that the most successful posts for capturing the attention of users and inspiring action are visual. Photo albums generated 180 percent more engagement than other types of posts, and individual photos 120 percent more. Since 40 percent of a Facebook user’s time is spent in the News feed, capturing attention to inspire a “Like,” comment or share by using images is critical.


Quick Guide for posting your contest or promotion to Facebook.  

This works for posting to your Facebook Page or a Facebook personal profile.


1. Go to your Timeline on Facebook and select "Photo / Video" for your new message.



2. Next Select "Attach Photo / Video"



3. Choose the image

Choose the image you want to post, add a text description to inform viewers of the promotion (this is the call-to-action that fans will see in their News Feed when the image catches their eye!), and include a smart URL to the tab in the description so that desktop and mobile viewers can access the tab. 



Then simply publish the post or schedule it to go out at a specific later time.

Following this procedure gives you the best visual means to sharing information about your promotion and drawing in fans to participate.  With images continually permforming better in engagement (Likes, Shares, and Comments) this method is the best current practice for sharing your promotion on Facebook.

Bonus Tips:

Announce Promotion on Facebook Page Cover Image

To get even further traction, consider updating your Facebook Page Timeline Cover Image during the active promotion time period with an image that alerts users to the promotion.  See example below of a Cover image that notes the contest promotion that is currently running.



Create  111 x 74 Tab Image

As well,  make sure your Facebook Page Tab 111 x 74 image is in the top row and encourages the user to take action to go to the tab and participate in your Facebook promotion.  This helps draw in visitors who have come to your Facebook Page and alerts them on your current promotion.


This model for announcing a Facebook page promotion helps businesses capture the attention of fans and friends of fans.  The use of images to announce the promotion enables pages to best capture the attention of viewers.  This combined with the use of a Smart URL to enable mobile viewers easy access to the promotion, helps to ensure that "when promoted right, they will come!"