In my opinion, Twitter is the best social network for brand to customer engagement. Why? It’s fast. It’s concise. And it’s the best listening tool around. With that in mind, I will keep this entry concise and to the point. So, below are five quick tips on how Twitter can help spark up engagement between brand and customer.

1. It’s A Listening Tool

Twitter allows a brand to hear exactly what its market is saying. Now how is this different than Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.? Twitter is 140 characters long, thus meaning followers only have a short breath to say what they mean. So you better believe they are going to say the most important thing on their mind. With only 140 characters to spare, followers are going to use them wisely…and in response so should brands.

2. Speed

Twitter is about speed. If you are not timely on Twitter then it will be noted by followers and trust me, that isn’t good. Think of being speedy on Twitter like being a waiter at a wedding reception – you are moving 100 miles per minute and being nice along the way. Hard? Yes. Effective? Very. Remember though, do not sacrifice content and accuracy of responses just to be fast.

3. User Generated Content

Now all social networks allow this, but my reason for listing this is because Twitter allows one button execution for pushing out user generated content. Yes, the almighty RT! In one click of a button a follower can go from being a regular Joe Schmo to a brand ambassador rockstar. This application is powerful and builds a heck of a dedicated fan base.

4. Connection

Again, all networks have this characteristic - that’s the point of social marketing, right? But Twitter enables a much more personal type of connection. It’s as if we are texting back and forth with the brand or even a celebrity. The connections made on Twitter are deep and I value them greatly – this should be the same mindset for brands on Twitter as well.

5. Conversation

This is what happens after the connection. There’s no point in connecting if you are not going to talk! Twitter allows followers to carry snappy conversations in real time, while also bringing others into the mix. Facebook does this as well, but it is at a much slower pace and the dialogue tends to be clunky.

The next time you are cruising through your Twitterverse think of it as a network that will actually let you connect with someone and talk with them more than just one time. I have multiple Twitter connections that I tweet back and forth with on a regular basis – topics ranging all the way from personal life to work. That my friends is called engagement.

How do you use Twitter? How often do you genuinely engage with your followers?