So what do you when your face gets dirty? Well, you wash it. And now you can wash your Facebook, too! Yes you heard me: you can make your Facebook profile dirt-free, and the best part? All it takes is a free app.

While we are all busy working on our SocialGlamor, our posts can be funny at times but can also be detrimental when your future-interviewer sees them. The service scans your posts, timeline, and tagged photos to make sure nothing incriminating is going on, and warns you if it finds anything.

Three Kent State University undergrads created Facewash, a web app that cleans your profile of incriminating content to give you a "fresh face." The app allows users to search the profile with a "profane word" list, a precompiled set of offensive or distasteful terms. You can also input your own words, and the returned results are displayed in categories such as "links that you have liked" or comments.

Users have the option to either delete or change privacy settings. Here are the steps:

 Facebook facewash app

  • Click "Allow" on the next popup

Facebook facewash app
Note: if you click "Skip," all sections will work except for "Comments posted on your wall"

  •  Click "Start"

Facebook facewash app

  • Click the text in the result you want to clean up to go to the actual post on Facebook
  • Clean up the post however you would like

This project is still in Beta stage but still worth testing andcleaning up some dirt away. I was surprised how much mess I had on my Facebook page!

The same service for Twitter will be launched soon, so keep an eye out.