Track Social follows hundreds of thousands of posts made by brands on Facebook every month, and here are the most Most Liked from January 2013.

January was a month of winning, connecting with history and, as always, dogs. WWE challenged Disney for top spot with a beefcake explosion of Wrestling Fandom featuring The Rock. Meanwhile, Louis Vuitton and Starbucks both gave a retro shout out to themselves and Intel made a surprisingly artistic post with a notebook framing the Empire State Building.

But the viewer's favorite had to be from Entirely Pets, featuring some kids sticking their cuteness (and social media savvy) to their Dad by scoring 1,000,000 Likes with their plea for a puppy. Dad must have thought he had a pretty safe bet... now parents everywhere will find their decisions being 'taken to the people.'

The Track Social  Top 10 Most Liked Facebook Brand Posts for January 2013*:







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