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Posted by: Priyeshu Garg

Social Media Explained With Cute Kittens

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You might already seen the social media explained to layman chart before, but here's a new version of that presented by folks over at Avalaunch Media at SearchFest 2013. It includes new social media platforms like Yelp, Pinterest and Spotify. These kitties really explain the social media platforms nicely. 

Update : Folks at Avalaunch Media have released their another creative graphic in which dogs explain social media, here it is :

In July 2013 they are doing a fund raising campaign where you have to vote for best graphic out of these which explain social media best and the winning animal's charity gets 2/3rd of the winning amount and the other one gets 1/3rd. You can vote here : Paws Vs Claws

Infographic: Social Media Explained With Cute Kittens
Infographic by Avalaunch Media
Submitted by Priyeshu Garg

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Like it?

July 1, 2013

Melissa Megginson says:

Thank you for bringing this into my life.

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Like it?

July 10, 2013

Priyeshu Garg says:

I have added dogs version as well, do check!

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