I've always liked that Marissa Mayer. After Monday's news about the Tumblr acquisition and promising not to "screw it up," she posts on the new Yahoo! owned Tumblr to release the news of a major Flickr revamp, stating that they've made strides to make Flickr awesome again. Her timing is pretty rockstar.

Making Flickr awesome was in reference to a very popular petition from July 2012, asking Mayer to "please make Flickr awesome again" following her appointment as CEO.

So, what's so awesome about the new Flickr?

Three main ideas were addressed in this revamp: 1. Full-resolution imagery. 2. Availability across devices. 3. Storage for as many photos as a user could want to take. Let's delve a little deeper into number 3, because everyone gets excited about free stuff. The new Flickr offers more storage, 1TB of free storage to be exact. While they are stopping short of saying "limitless," you typically hear about gigabytes when it comes to data. Yahoo! is talking in Terabytes. And a Terabyte, for most people, means they will never have to worry about storage. Now for a quick tour of some of the new awesomeness:

New Search Page Design

It really is somewhat breathtaking.

New Header

This seems to be the new social network standard, first Facebook, then Twitter, then Google Plus, and now Flickr. It definitely adds a nice visual personalization, and on a photo sharing site that is pretty important!

Individual Photo View Showcases The Photos

By filling out the whole screen the photo is the star of the show.

What are your thoughts?

Now that Flickr's awesome again, I'm definitely planning on diving in and sharing more on my page. Do you agree that Flickr is awesome again? Share your thoughts by commenting or tweet me @tammykfennell.