Dan Zarrella’s latest data analysis shows the top words and phrases used to drive action on social media. After analyzing 50,000 blog posts, millions of tweets and all of the posts on the top 10,000 most-liked Facebook pages one thing is clear – direct calls to action on social media posts simply work. The data shows that simply mentioning, or even sometimes asking, for specific actions such as links and comments actually drives these actions! Who knew you just had to ask?


Want to drive more links, comments and views from your visitors on your blog? Zarrella’s data shows that mentioning the words ‘comment’, ‘link’ and ‘share’ drives more blog comments, links and page views.


There are also very specific words and phrases on Twitter that will drive more Retweets from your follower base. Again, asking directly has topped the list in effective phrases. Other words that move the needle, yet come off much less needy, include ‘Spread’ and ‘visit’.


The data here was interesting because the one metric that seemed to move the most with the top phrases was likes. Even when asking directly, it was tough to drive action for comments and shares. It seems that the like is much ‘socially cheaper’ than a comment or share.

Enjoy the infographic! For more social media data like this, check out Dan Zarrella’s latest book “The Science of Marketing” now!