Do you have an RSS feed on your blog? My web and graphic designer, Ryan Briggs, insisted I put an RSS feed on both my news items and my blog. I didn’t think I needed one in either place but I took his advice. Or I should say, I didn’t make a noise about it and he implemented his own recommendation. I’m really glad he did.

It took me awhile to figure out the power behind the feed. One of the first things that happened is James Bull contacted me and scheduled a meeting. James runs a web content strategy company and is founder of Perth Web Industry News Digest (aka PerthWIND), a news aggregator from over 40 sources of the Perth web industry.

PerthWIND has news and opinion from all sources in the digest. All items link back to the original publisher’s company website or blog, and there is also a list of all sources. Ryan had plugged my RSS feed into PerthWIND. From my very first effort, my posts were being syndicated and gaining additional exposure on the website and through the PerthWIND twitter activity.

In recent months, I’ve really come to understand how to exploit my feed. In addition to PerthWIND, here are some great places to register your feed.

  • Wot News – A news aggregator for the Australian media, when I found out about Wot News at the Media140 conference, I immediately registered both my feeds.
  • Technorati – A blog aggregator connecting bloggers with media and advertisers, my blog was selected as one of the Top 50 Australian Writing blogs due, in part, to my Technorati ranking.
  • Networked Blogs – An extension to the Facebook application, Network Blogs allows your feed to be automatically published on any Facebook page.
  • MailChimp – Mailchimp allows you to publish your blog for delivery to an email address. It’s a great way to ensure readers never miss a post. Set the RSS Feed campaign up once and never worry about it again.
  • Social Media Today If you write about social media, Social Media Today is a fantastic place to register your feed. Every post is reviewed by their editors and the best ones get published on their influential website.
  • LinkedIn If you manage a discussion group on LinkedIn, you’re able to include up to 25 different feeds for the group.


I’m on the lookout for new places all the time. I’m sold on the idea of syndication and the power it has to spread my posts around the globe. While some people feel an RSS feed is far too technical, if you’re spending the time writing a blog, why not make sure it gets maximum exposure?

Where have you registered your RSS feed?

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