There has been a lot of growth in social media websites lately. Many observers are following this growth quite keenly for various reasons. Some of them are looking to invest in companies. Others are looking to build a better brand awareness. In any case, here we present the five most surprising social media statistics from the year 2013.

 Mobile only users on Facebook

Of Facebook’s nearly one billion strong users, approximately 200 million are mobile only. In other words, nearly a fifth of Facebook’s user-base doesn’t own a PC. Therefore they are compelled to access their favorite website through their smartphones. This underlines the growing importance of smartphones and mobile devices in general. It also makes it clear that in order to attract a large smartphone based audience, a company needs to provide smart apps to its customers. Many vendors have emerged to fill this niche in the market. It is now possible for a company to have an app for each of the major platforms, such as Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone. Apps are essential for the phone-only population who don’t use a PC. In many cases, these apps provide a better user experience than websites.

YouTube is more popular than cable television

YouTube reaches more adults than any cable network. In the United States, the number of people who watch television has fallen behind the number of people who watch YouTube on a regular basis. This makes it clear that televised content is undergoing a decline, while on the other hand online consumption of video is on the rise. Many companies have taken advantage of this by releasing their marketing campaigns as videos on the internet first and on television later. This has shown to work in favour of many companies, which has been shown to be true on the InMotion review with online promotion costing less than television advertising.

 Some social media networks are more popular than others

Some social media networks have a more active user-base than others. Statistical research has revealed that more than 95 percent of Facebook users log into their account every day. The same number for Twitter is 60 percent and for LinkedIn is 30 percent. In order to cut costs, social media networks are now avoiding websites like LinkedIn, which have a very small reach in terms of market impact, because their users are not active when compared with Facebook or Twitter.

 Children on Facebook

Over  5 million Facebook users are under the age of ten. This is a stunningly large number, which shows that young children have easy access to social media. This is a new demographic that can be tapped by social media marketers. Companies can offer discounts and prizes that are directly targeted at a young demographic. Using social media in these cases can be more effective than other media such as television or radio. At a young age, brand loyalty is yet to be formed therefore it is the right time for marketers to target young children with their brands and promotions.

International users of Facebook

The number of Facebook users is nearly three times the population of the United States. This shows the extent of globalization that has occurred in the internet age. This also shows that companies can expand their reach and presence in international markets quite effectively by using social media. Today internet is easily accessible in most parts of the world. These new markets can be tapped by social media marketers who can directly reach out to their customers through the internet.

These statistics reveal emerging trends in the social media space. However, we are still in the early stages of growth in social media and one will only have to wait to witness the far-reaching impact of digital media on businesses and their marketing efforts.

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