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Posted by: Belén Cusi

The Blogging Balancing Act [INFOGRAPHIC]

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It's 2013, and blogging has come a long way since its mainstream launch in the late 90's. Boy do I wish I had gotten my start then, been a pioneer in the industry when simple writing and photographing were the main staples, when the blogging gold-mine had yet to be uncovered and the bandwagon was still light.
But then again, how exciting it is to be a blogger in the advent of social media! You write, design, market, post; you connect with other people, collaborate with companies, create your brand. In fact, there has never been a better time to start blogging. The opportunities are endless, and the barrier-to-entry still small. 

Whether you're professional in a large company, a start-up, or your own boss, business blogging has become a booming trend you can no longer ignore. For individuals, hobby and lifestyle blogging continues to be wildly popular and with the myriad new forms of media and social networks, more diverse and more stimulating than ever.

With greater opportunity however, more work is required to rise above the rest. So what does it take to blog in 2013? We've created this exclusive infographic to show you blogging as we see it now, and where it looks to be going in the future.  Enjoy!

Infographic: The Blogging Balancing Act [INFOGRAPHIC]
Infographic by Blog Me Crazy
Submitted by Belén Cusi

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April 7, 2014

Physioprescription says:

Yes I find blogging is a great way to express ideas and connect with like minded people. As a health professional I find it a fantastic way to help improve as many peoples health and well-being as possible - Thousands more people read my blog than I see in my practice every day!

Give it a go and persevere!

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December 3, 2013

Spook SEO says:

For a lot of people, blogging has already become a way of life. It is so rampant nowadays but the thing is, there are still those who do not know when to use privacy as an option. It is good to share personal experiences but make sure that you sensor those who are involved. This keeps them safe.

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