Tumblr essentially functions as a secondary blog you can use solely for the purpose of SEO. You can send optimized links back to the main website, allowing your website's reach to expand and incoming traffic to multiply. What makes Tumblr great for SEO is the inbuilt promotion and SEO-friendly features that it comes packed with by default.

Here are 10 simple ways in which your Tumblr blog can serve SEO functions:

1. It allows you to easily customize your domain

Tumblr facilitates easy customisation and integration of domain names. You can customise the URL of your account and, given the priority that search engines attribute to domain names, it is a good idea to do so. What's best is that the customization procedure is simple, easy, and can be found right at the beginning, during the process of setting up an account.

2. Lets you define custom URLs for individual posts 

Not only can you easily customise your domain name, you can also define the URL for posts on your blog. With the “set a custom post URL” option under the tags box, Tumblr lets you optimize the URL to fare better in search results.

3. Provides “do-follow” links in all posts 

The links you add to all posts on your Tumblr blog are do-follow links, allowing you to increase traffic to your website through shared links. For example, when setting up an account, fill in the About section with interesting and inviting content. Post this, and with Tumblr you can add a link in the About content that links back to your website.

4. You can have custom HTML posts

HTML codes are the most search engine friendly and with Tumblr you can post in the actual custom HTML format.

5. Allows you to optimize Alt and Title Attributes

With Tumblr you can optimize the Alt Attributes for images to fare better in search results. Similarly, with easy customization options for Title Attributes, Tumblr helps you rank higher in the search engines results page.

6. You can optimize posts with keywords

Tumblr allows you to add keywords as tags to your posts. This helps in improving page ranks and ensure that your blog post appears at the top of search results, provided you effectively identify keywords that work.

7. Allows you to promote yourself and improves visibility 

Tumblr features several promotional elements that are very conducive to SEO. With the 'Reblog' option available with each post, your content can be shared easily across several platforms. Then there is the 'Like' option. When you “like” a post on a certain blog, Tumblr adds a note accompanied by a link to your Tumblr account, on the blog that featured the post. 

8. Drives traffic towards your Tumblr posts 

The Keyword tags discussed earlier, along with all the other features of Tumblr make it an effective platform to enhance virtual visibility. If you are looking to increase traffic to you websites, back-linking blogs on Tumblr to your main website could prove to be the perfect solution.

9. Helps discover great content 

Tumblr has a great content discovery system wired in its frame. With the availability of hashtags for searching content, you do not need to have a number of followers for your content to be discovered. Great content on Tumblr can get discovered and shared a number of times, despite having zero followers.

10. Benefits of both Facebook and Wordpress 

Tumblr packs the blogging functionality of Wordpress and the social features of Facebook allowing you to optimise your main website for increased search engine ranking using a wide array of content and content sharing features. You can blog about anything right from marketing tips and tricks, and real estate information to the weight-loss benefits of green coffee bean extract, and then simply add do-follow links, and optimised keywords to achieve a higher ranking on search results.