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Posted by: Janet Johnson

Social Media Trends and Predictions of 2014

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Social Media Trends & Predictions of 2014 

#1: Social Media is not an Option

  • Businesses must integrate social media into their marketing plan.  It will be expected and will hinder sales if they don’t.

#2: Mobile Growth

  • Need a Website that works on both desktop and mobile
  • Forbes predicts that by 2017 Mobile Sales will grow by 87%

#3: Google+ needs to be integrated into your Social Media Efforts

  • It’s Google…of course!
  • Google+ Local is merged with Google Places
  • Google Authorship is merged with the Google+ Page
  • Google+ Hangouts are merged with Youtube

#4: Images will be used more and more across the internet

  • Pinterest and Instagram will continue to grow
  • Images will continue to be the top content to grab people’s attention on all social networks

#5: Video

  • SEO Benefits of Youtube (Google owns Youtube)
  • Google+ Hangouts will grow in use due to the simplification of creating videos with it
  • Vine and Instagram videos simplify video creation

#6: Podcasts will continue to grow

  • Easy to listen to them
  • Easy to multi-task while listening to podcasts

For more information on how to use images, videos and podcasts in your social media download the free social media content creation guide.

Take a good look at these 6 predictions and make sure you incorporate all or most of these in your 2014 marketing plan.

Infographic: Social Media Trends and Predictions of 2014
Infographic by Janet E Johnson
Submitted by Janet Johnson

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January 23, 2014

Israel Goldwaser says:

and videostir?

Stop hiding from your future customers.

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December 21, 2013

Dan White Edmonton CEO Dan White Edmonton AB says:

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