Subtitle: How to get fresh content

I spend a lot of time talking with bloggers, and across the board a common challenge is coming up with fresh content. One common tactic of bringing in fresh content way is by seeking out contributors.

But even then, your site needs to be attractive enough (content, design, platform) to warrant participation, so in that respect it can be back to the drawing board.

One technique I use is taking apart some of my old content and pinpointing a sentence or paragraph and then expand that idea.

For instance, from my last post: A whopping 86% are looking to do it themselves, but initiative alone does not merit positive results.

Despite the specific statistics I gave, the post is still fairly general. With the above, I can expand on why effort alone may not be good enough in social media engagement and how experience or expertise plays a crucial role. I can then follow up with examples and case studies to support the idea.

This is a good way to remix your content to get fresh ideas and posts.

What do you think?