Brooke Butler has always wanted to spend her life attached to a microphone. Brooke’s podcasts range from political reporting to Christian devotional and meditation. She believes that social digital media is her generation’s connecting point, a way to share ideas despite cultural differences. Brooke sees her chosen medium as making art with sound — using the rhythm of language to create “dynamic little packages” that people will be willing to listen to. “Your life is defined by what you say,” she explains. Brooke Butler is using her words to get others talking.

About the series: The Culture of Content Creation is a video series about people who make their own digital content for sharing — such as blogs, podcasts, wiki entries, online product reviews or videos — to learn why they do it, what they find rewarding, and how they view their role in the world. Started in early 2008, this cultural media project from Elastic Lab continues today, reflecting changes in technology, knowledge, and the social fabric of the Internet.