When Pepsi's Tropicana wanted to give a social lift to its recently launched Trop50, it faced the challenge of creating advocacy at scale among bloggers as part of its Trop50 True Resolutions Facebook experience.

Working with SocialChorus, Tropicana focused on the Power Middle of relevant bloggers. For most brands, these are the true influencers, as opposed to those with the largest networks or those that may be loyal product users, but have small communities.

The earned and paid efforts succeeded in activating 174 bloggers who produced 210 blog posts and over 36,000 social actions across multiple social media platforms. Influencers used approved copy and trackable assets to share authentic posts for the brand while driving traffic to the Facebook experience.

I spoke with Gina Judge (left), Senior Manager of Communications for Tropicana, Greg Shove (center), Founder & CEO of SocialChorus and Melissa Murphy (right), Activation Manager at SocialChorus about how they activated bloggers through both earned and paid efforts for the Trop50 True Resolutions campaign.

Among the many takeaways for you in this conversation are:

  • The need to identify the most influential bloggers for your brand
  • Tactics to scale the number of bloggers engaged with your brand from dozens to hundreds
  • The importance of leveraging and growing your social currency
  • The benefits of tracking your blogger contact and how bloggers use the assets you offer them
  • The payoff of building long-term relationships with those in your blogger community


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