Facebook, it's the new emotion.

I spend up to 18 hours a day as a Facebook marketer. Hi my name is Dan, I own a company called http://Tabbed.co. We create custom applications for businesses on Facebook. Overall my experience with Facebook is to work. At times though I get to log into my personal account and see what the rest of my family is doing. Trust me, it sounds like something you do every day, but I do it about once a week. I rarely log in as myself, it is weird but, Facebook is my work life. I own atleast 10 Facebook profiles and work with over 500 fan pages.

My family is composed of myself, my beautiful wife and our two children Nolan and Matthew. Nolan is 6 years old (6 and 11/12th's to him) and Matthew is 11 month's old. Now these two guys are my life, and I spend all of my day with them. Luckily I have a stay-at-home office, where I work here and from time to time they go there (school). I rarely leave the house (my office) to go anywhere except for to the grocery store and maybe to get a pint with one of the guys. You would think with all of my time home I would notice all the cute and amazing moments I get with my children. Honestly I am lucky, but I am so used to being with them I take it for granted.

One of the best things about Facebook is its power to show you the images of your life. My wife is the master of keeping our children's pictures uploaded to Facebook. I never notice her taking the pictures, nor do I ever see them on her camera (Iphone). When they get uploaded to Facebook I am even the last to take notice.

Sometimes you forget all the moments you have had in life with your family. With Facebook there is no more forgetting, it is simply trying to catch up at times. When I do get my time to catch up, it is amazing. I forget how beautiful my family really is, but Facebook can remind me of that. Facebook is something many of us marketers take for granted, and we forget it's true purpose. We look at it as a way to connect our brands with new people. Instead of connecting with our family and friends, we are trying to find new ways to connect people to our bosses products.

Today I got to log in to my account and see the past 3 months of my family growing up. It is one of the most sincere and memorable moments of my life. I remembered Facebook is not just my job, but it my way of connecting with even the closest people in my life. Facebook has grown into something where we can remember any moment of our lives in a way we never have before. The images of my life are even more amazing than how I felt I lived it.

Facebook I thank you for not only my career, but for connecting me to the people I am closest to. For all of us who don't use facebook as a normal user, don't forget how amazing it is to catch up with and communicate with your family on facebook.