Remember the old ad slogan: "When E. F. Hutton talks, people listen"?

Let’s modernize that. “When Jill Konrath talks, people listen.  And well they should.

Konrath is a best-selling author of two books who is extremely well-regarded in the sales industry for her ability to perceive what’s needed for success in today’s selling environment. Spend just a few minutes talking with her and you come away energized, overwhelmed just a little, and possessing not just a few  innovative suggestions.

Her latest book, “SNAP Selling,” is a treasure trove of ways to win more business in a topsy-turvy world where connecting with what she terms “crazy-busy” sales prospects is a real challenge. She’s the poster child for adapting to changing buyer behaviors.

Customers have changed, she notes. Thanks in great degree to social media tools they’re more educated about what we may have to offer. All they think about is fewer emails and voice messages to return. Konrath even says they “literally take diverse pleasure in sitting with their finger on the delete button as sending us into oblivion as soon as humanly possible.

Konrath is the keynoting the Inside Sales Leadership Summit 2012 taking place in Dallas April 17-18 via the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals. For insight into what she’ll deliver in that talk, “The New Way of Selling,” watch our video interview below.


AA-ISP is a growing, valuable organization serving inside sales professionals thanks to co-founders Bob Perkins and Larry Reeves. The Leadership Summit is their marquee event and Social Media Today is delighted to be a media sponsor.

More than 30 of the nation’s leading inside sales experts are presenting on the most critical issues to today’s inside sales leaders. Many of the discussions focus on integrating social media into daily activities.

See the list of speakers and topics and a registration link. If you attend, let’s connect.