If you’ve been watching the Olympics, you’ve probably seen the social media segments NBC is airing that feature Ryan Seacrest talking about athletes and their Twitter followers and such. The other night’s big “social media moment” revolved around this congratulatory tweet from Barack Obama to Michael Phelps:

My wife and I pondered this as we enjoyed a glass bottle of wine and wondered if ol’ Barry had actually sent that tweet himself or not. My first thought was “no way.” Surely, that was the work of an official White House PR rep or something.

I understand that all politicians now have to at least “appear” to be engaged in social media as a way to make themselves seem current, human, hip, etc., but they aren’t typing those 140 characters themselves. With all of the political correctness and guarded double-speak that goes on, I would seriously doubt that they’d let those guys anywhere NEAR Twitter…much less, give them the correct login!

“No, your password isn’t ‘BarackRocks’ and I’m not telling you what it is. Just tell me what you want to say, Mr. President…I’ll tweet it for you…”

So, did Barack Obama physically tweet that himself last night? Did he instruct an official “presidential tweeter” to? Is he even aware that he tweeted that at all???

What do you think?

Not to be overly critical or anything, but if he did, he really should have mentioned @MichaelPhelps and added a #hashtag or two. Just sayin’.