Autoposting To Social MediaA lot of businesses set their blogs up for autoposting across all of their social media channels. While this can obviously be a huge time saver, there are some glaring reasons you should take the extra time to optimize your social media posts. 

1. Headlines can be different

The headline on your website should be keyword targeted. Clear and simple for your audience as not to just be robotic text, but geared towards search traffic. When you post your link onto your social networks, you should use a hook. This is something catchy, intriguing that will get your audience to click through. Give them an open-looped sentence that leaves them needing to know more.

2. Add a description where you can

This can be a second sentence to your open-looped headline that reels in your audience even more. Hook them with your headline, tease them with your description and get them clicking to read the rest of your article.  

3. Tagging people

If you are putting a link to someone else's site in your article or want to mention them when posting to a social media channel, then you'll need to do this individually. On Twitter, you'd use the @mention, but if you were auto posting that to all channels, it looks funny on G+ or Facebook. On Facebook, you need to post from the site itself in order to tag other businesses to a status update (as of the time of this writing), so again auto posting can't accomplish that. Same goes for Google Plus, you need to be in Google Plus to + someone into one of your posts, it can't be done from (most) third party apps yet. 

4. Timing is different per channel

You should be using a tool to measure and analyze when the best time for you to post on your different social media channels is. That way you can reach the highest percentage of your audience when promoting your new content. You may have the most Twitter followers on at 3 pm, but all of your Facebook fans log on to check their feed at 9:30 in the morning while your Google Plus followers mostly check out their streams at night after work and still your LinkedIn groups are most active just before lunch time. 

By scheduling your posts with something like the Buffer App or HootSuite, you'll be able to drive traffic and engagement at a higher level. 

What Are Your Thoughts On Autoposting To Social Media?

While I have seen articles citing numbers that there is more engagement for blogs that autopost, I would argue that those are compared to all blogs, most of which aren't strategically using social media. If you're not going to take the time to achieve the best results, then yes I agree autoposting would be better than not posting at all.