I shouldn’t complain about finding time to Tweet, or Post, Pin, or Tumble. After all, social media struggle doesn’t even contend to #firstworldpains like paying your mortgage, or having your dog de-wormed.Yuck. Keeping current (and staying awesome) and engaging in this world can be pretty tiresome, so how can we better manage our time when it comes to Social Media?  Until my life becomes so overwhelmed that I start to forfeit basic human needs like sleep, food, and my awesome boyfriend to social media I won’t use robots to send out content. (I like to think that each post is sent with love and good vibes/rainbows flow to each of my friends/followers along with the content I write. Yes, cheesy I know.) 

Although live posting to some seems like a waste of time, lets not forget the ever-nostalgic “real human interaction” that social media was intended for. Yes, I’m sure your content is ripe and handpicked by the finest interns your office has to offer. I understand, but don’t you think funneling all of that into some kind of automated posting system takes away from the whole being “current” theory? Adversely, I would call you a fool if you didn’t organize something that looked like a content calendar to manage your time. There’s a fine line, are you following it?

So why else should you stick to live posting aside from the fact that paying a robot to do your work is kind of lame? Because you are a creative genius and you shouldn’t limit yourself to expressing a thought at the same time everyday, every week, and day in day out. (I rarely give compliments so hold on to that one.) The entire “ set it and forget it” idea of putting all of your content into a system a month in advance and letting the robots run amuck with it is just poor. Unless you are some kind of soothsayer and predict what will be cool in the future, you might be ruining your social media relationships by using automated posting services. This might surprise you, but your audience can tell you’re faking it.  I know most users aren’t junkies like us, but they know what goes on in the world more than you think, and they search several platforms daily. They know when content is repeated, and recycled, and of course untimely.

So here’s the solution: get yourself a nice Google Calendar, sync it with your phone, and grab that super smart intern and hash out your schedule. Gather your hopes and dreams and inspiration for your brand/product/service and work off that. Remember to be semi- spontaneous with your posts, and have fun with your content and interactions. Or just grab that poor sap of an intern your not paying and chain them to the desk and make them do it- why waste more of your precious time right?


‘Cause we are living in a digital world and I’m @soshalmediagirl XB