Started in 2010, Pinterest is a big website with people pinning and pinning. I never really saw the point of it, and still don’t, but I know how to use it (not for me, personally), and I have seen stats for some of the brands we’re working with. A smart Pinterest presence will drive traffic to your site, which you can convert into sales. Well, Pinterest also got recently valued at $1.5 BILLION DOLLARS! Yup, this one too after FB offering $1B to Instagram – which has yet to be closed. No one clearly knows how Pinterest will make its money, but it keeps growing with over 20 Million monthly active users.

Pinterest’s referrals to external websites overtook Twitter’s referral traffic numbers this past June, and Pinterest is on track to beat out Yahoo in the coming months, according to social media sharing company Shareaholic

Leverage your Pinterest presence and start zocializing with me, and the other 19,999,999+ users. In the social media space, what you need to know is that your first 100 followers are not only the most valuable, but aren’t they nice to follow you? Could you be nice to them too? No need to announce discounts anymore, online shoppers don’t seem to care much unless it’s based on interactions or specific campaigns. Pinterest has been copied by tons of web designers because of their new layout, but what they also did is change the activity stream model from text to more visual content. That said, photos are now the most shared and commented on ‘branded content’. Social Creativity is king now; you have to socially let others be creative with you, and spread your brand lifestyle organically.

  • The Facts are real, it’s not invented!

According to, “Pinterest buyers spend more money, more often, and on more items than any of the other Top 5 social media sites.”  You have probably heard it started with women focusing on their wedding dresses or inspirations, but now even B2B are on it sharing too; well less interesting content than my fav fashion brands. Brand consumers are spending on average 58.8 minutes daily per unique, while Facebook gets a daily time spent per user of 12.1 minute (I probably do not count with my spending or 23.30 hours on FB). And let’s state the DEMOs: 70% Female of 25-34 with kids and household income of $100K+.
  • Funny, Zappos just proved to be somewhat creative with “PinPointing”

Amazon’s just launched their version of Pinterest to get even more sales. Enter your Pinterest username to discover the recommended items by Zappos, and from Zappos. It’s supposed to be a rich and personalized experience, but it was launched from their labs so it’s at the “work in progress” stage to test if you will care, at least. Clearly, with Zappos being known for selling shoes online, they will use this to promote “lesser-known departments (such as Wedding, Couture, and Housewares) that may surface frequently on PinPointing,” says Alice Han.
  • My 2 cents or 5 Tips to better pin your lifestyle

Optimize your profile. You need to understand that it’s the only section you have to be searchable from Google, Yahoo, Bing. The links on Pinterest are non follow, so they’re not used for seo strategy, however the links lead to your site. If it leads to some other sites, I hope it’s part of the plan or else you’re wasting a bit of your time.
Post Behind The Scenes photos. Everyone wants to see the emotions behind event productions, photoshoots, working spaces, preparation for NYFW, etc. It’s addicting to follow some brands because it becomes almost like a reality show. Turn your brand into a show, add drama and don’t be boring, be zo creative.
Nostalgia Trips. That’s trendy, it’s also very interesting to show this side of a brand. Social Media wasn’t made for businesses, but for people. Humanize your brand and pin the feelings, positive or negative, to the surface of Pinterest.
Involve your Key Influencers. Yes, just do it. Try to contact, and offer the opportunity to, some of your key influencers or consumers to pin with you. Pinterest gives you the ability to add members to pin with you. If you don’t have time, that’s even a better reason to do zo.
Use Hashtags. Soon, you’ll be impressed with a new tech revolution called “Augmented Reality”. That means, start tagging your visual content properly to be as searchable as possible. From Twitter to Tumblr, Pinterest and Facebook or even Instagram, there’re tags everywhere, tag to get discovered faster than the old SEO techniques.
  • Don’t forget to create branded and authentic content

Pinterest will lead traffic to your site, you still have to give them the link or else they won’t even post it. Pinterest has this huge asset over Twitter and Facebook to help brands boost their referral traffic. If you’re a designer or marketer for a fashion brand, start working on your content strategy and invest in your creative team. Content AND Creative Content will be king! Have you seen this vid?

I hope you enjoyed it because that’s what I believe will be the next focus for most people who aren’t as creative as they think they are right now. These campaigns can really boost your engagement and get you better results, but it’s based on the content, which is naturally emotional, strategic, creative. The virality of it isn’t coming from spending dollars on running ads with Adwords or Facebook Ads. If I’m sharing it here again, it’s because I love it and it’s fun. As a brand and in today’s economy, you have to entertain people with content that will make them feel something! Still haven’t felt any good or bad from a discount status update, have you?

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