It has been almost 10 years since LinkedIn was founded in December 2002.  At August 2012, according to LinkedIn, the professional social network had 175 million members in over 200 countries. Think about the possibilities you might encounter. Think about the business opportunities and job vacancies available just for you.

If you still attending job fairs and wasting your precious time on transportation to deliver your CV hand to hand, well you need to think again. Do not tell me I do not need a LinkedIn account as companies still prefer to use old techniques. If this is what your idea, it is wrong. This is the new era we are living in now. A survey made by on 800 human resources and recruiting professionals found that 92% use or plan to use social recruiting. You may want to use old paper CV work techniques, but please do not tell me I do not need a LinkedIn account.

The following points will help you to look better and more professional. Your LinkedIn profile is exactly the same as the way you look in the interview. Entering the room full of examiners and interviewers who will decide whether to hire you or not. Their initial decisions are based on what you are wearing, holding, and greeting. Then they examine your CV and practical skills if needed. The following six mistakes might stop many companies from contacting you or accepting your job enquiry:

1-      Unprofessional photo:

When you are looking for a job, you will have one chance to impress them. The first thing an employer will look at is your profile photo. It tells more than what you think about you. The way you dress, your hair, your style, your hygiene, your environment, your facial expressions, etc... A qualified Human Resources employee will grasp many things from only one picture. 

2-      Being offline for too long:

Be aware that LinkedIn is not a recruitment website. LinkedIn is a professional social network that delivers business to business services. People will come and check your profile, like and comment on your status, recommend you, and connect with you. Always try to be available on the website 10 minutes a day in order communicate with colleagues and similar professionals. Also remember to update your status more often, but do not spam them!

3-      Spelling mistakes:

Your chances will dramatically decrease if a spelling mistake was noticed in your profile. You should double check everything you have written and make sure it is professionally written. If English is not your first language and you have decided to write only using your mother tongue, you will miss the massive opportunity to show them how good is your English.

4-      Link to personal websites:

Are you sure that you want companies’ representatives to check your Facebook account, twitter profile, or even your personal website? You should know that you are what you tell them online until they know otherwise. Do not give them the opportunity to dig deep in your other social networks or website unless you are sure this will only make you look better.

5-      Friends’ recommendations:

I know you want people to recommend you for the time you have spent together working or studying. However, too many recommendations from your friends will damage your credibility. Who is recommending you and what he/she is saying? Does it make you look more professional or more sentimental? Make sure that recommendations represent your communication and practical skills.

6-      Job(s) description:

Make sure you list all the necessary information which will help employers to understand your previous job more accurately. Help them to grasp the basic tasks and responsibilities you were given. Describe what you were doing in the company and what knowledge you have used.

Make sure you spark and shine on the internet using LinkedIn. Remember it is not always about finding new jobs. It is about building new business relationships. If you need any help, please feel free to contact me anytime. So, here is your question: were you able to get a job using LinkedIn?