New communication channel can significantly increase viewership and users activities. As an example, when Sporting News website integrated with Facebook the visits increased by over 500%.

You could say that every company should enter the world of social media and a simple website is no longer enough. Using social media can not only increase reliability and build the image, but also effectively increase revenues and increase the number of customers.

Community is the catchphrase which is connected to the Internet for a long time and today many use social services . Even though social networking industry has still potential and offers great marketing opportunities such as image creation and opinions formulation. Furthermore, according to the recent studies conducted in August by U.S. company Invkoe Solutions it turned out that 41 percent of Internet users trust the information published on Facebook. If the information was posted by a friend the level of trust grew up to 64 percent.

Furthermore, 45.4 percent of surveyed companies in the 2010 Digital Marketing Outlook, published by SODA (Societies of Digital Agencies) found the marketing presence on Facebook Business fan page to be the most important, and a further 42.2 percent answered as very important. In terms of revenue Facebook is unbeatable with the result of 800 million dollars.

Additionally the number of advertisers has quadrupled in the past eighteen months and one fan may be worth up to 310 dollars. Advertising in social media eventually come to an end to appear as, "unconventional methods". With the beginning of advertising in the SM, the online market has increased the tendency to continuous examination of other non-standard forms of advertising.

Statistics for the USA are optimistic since marketers spend on communities activities, more and more. As eMarketer announced in 2010 the companies invested in social media more than 1.68 billion dollars. It's a record. Forecasts for 2011 assume a greater amount - 2.09 billionU.S. dollars globally, in addition to that advertising market including Facebook Store will grow even faster.There is no doubt that social media already has a significant share in advertising, and should be treated as an integral part of marketing mix in every company.

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