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The Online Community Health Check

The word is out that online communities offer the opportunity to yield substantial business results for those organizations that do them well.  A number of recent studies indicate considerable benefits including marketing awareness and operational improvements when social business initiatives succeed.  However, while some are thriving, many are not realizing their full potential.  Worse yet, some organizations don’t have a clear indication as to whether their social business initiative is successful and, if not, why they are failing and how / where to take corrective action.  How could this be?  The reason is that online communities are tough to launch, and even tougher to sustain over time.

In an effort to surface opportunities and challenges, Social Media Today is happy to offer from our partners, Leader Networks, an Online Community Health Check.  This in-depth research-based offering

•    Examines your online community across a number of critical success factors

•    Provides a series of actionable, practical recommendations for moving forward

Based on our years (decades, really!) of experience, we understand how best to create online environments that combine your network and business requirements with the needs of those all-important people – your community stakeholders.  Social business success is built on a deep understanding of what it takes to connect with and engage the right people around topics that matter to them.  

If you would like to learn more about how your community is performing - perhaps it is already a winner and you want to realize its full potential, or maybe a second opinion might surface challenges and short-comings that need to be addressed - we would be delighted to discuss how the Online Community Health Check could help your social business initiative succeed and thrive.  

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Vanessa DiMauro
CEO and Managing Partner
Leader Networks

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