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Customers have more options than ever when it comes to buying retail products, but brick-and-mortar stores remain the sole place where one can see, touch and demo products before checking out. However, in a practice known as "showrooming," many customers now visit storefronts to select their products, then search for deals online to complete the purchase - which has some retail outlets worried, while online stores benefit.

How can retailers continue to use the crucial hands-on experience they provide to convert shoppers to buyers in-store? And how can they work with, rather than against, social networks and mobile technology to make sales?

Join us as we talk with retailers who are using social shopping tools of the Web to modernize and satisfy their showrooming customers:-

  • Where do you find evidence that showrooming is taking place?
  • What has been the impact of mobile and online shopping for retail?
  • What can customers expect in stores that are actively trying to reduce loss of sales to showrooming?
  • What kinds of stores are more vulnerable to practices like showrooming, and which are poised to take advantage?