photodune 4149031 dislike road sign thumb down sign xs Facebook Case Study: How Not to Manage Your Social Media   Amys Baking CompanyThose who frequent our blog platforms know we do our best to only share positive, helpful information. However, once in awhile a case study pops up out of no where that we can’t help but share. We can all learn from these situations.

I am not going to do some big ol’ synopsis of the drama that is behind and in front of this scenario. I don’t want to be involved, don’t want the drama in my day, life or business.  I will keep it simple and simply share with you the screen capture of their Facebook page. The page and their comments speak for themselves.

I don’t know the history. I don’t want to know it. There are probably reasons they are so upset. However, there should never be a reason any brand behaves in such a way on the social networks. If you feel the need to tell your community off, take a breath, take a walk, turn off your computer. Don’t blast it on your page.

This bakery is certainly not delighting their fans. Sad, truly sad.

I did not link the below image to their Facebook page or website. I do not want to support such behavior. I am certain you can find it via a simple Google, Bing, Twitter or Facebook search if you are stuck on seeing it for yourself. In less than one hour, I have seen their Facebook likes increase by 3,000!

Scenario: Amy’s Baking Company was on the Kitchen Nightmares show. I didn’t see the episode but my understanding is it was pretty bad. The retaliation on the page has to do with the bad reviews on social media sites and other happenings on the show of which I do not want to get into here on this page.

Update 5/15/13: 

On 5/14/13 the owners of the restaurants posted on Facebook they were hacked and comments on Facebook were not theirs. Though it may be true, my bets are that it is not. Their words are exactly how they treat their paying customers as shown in the videos.

Video segments for Kitchen Nightmare Reality Shows:

Segment 1:

Segment 2:

Amy's Baking Company Stating they were hacked on 5/15/13. 

amys baking company claims they were hacked

Amy's Baking Company original Facebook posts blasting their community.  

Amys Baking Company Facebook Case Study: How Not to Manage Your Social Media   Amys Baking Company