Edgy. Entrepreneurial. No-nonsense. Candid. Transparent. Genuine.

Plenty of terms describe either or both of the guys who make up SalesChaosTV. Another thing you certainly can say about Dan Waldschmidt and Todd Schnick is that neither hesitates to speak frankly about what’s on his mind. So whether the topic is marketing, social selling, bad behavior on LinkedIn, treating others fairly, having an impact or setting an example they’ll give you the straight story.

They created SalesChaosTV to take their messages directly to you via Internet video, and The Customer Collective , a Social Media Today community, was pleased to provide a forum beginning late last year. All along we wanted to present a webinar series in conjunction with the video blog posts. Now we’re doing it.Image

Join us at noon Eastern next Wednesday, May 2, for “B.S, Brilliance, and B2B Selling: Navigating Social Media Tactics Five Years Later.”

This will be like a webinar like none other. No fancy PowerPoint. No congenial “yes” mentality. When they disagree with one another, you’ll know it. When they feel a need to debate, you’ll hear it.

Oh, and we are throwing open the phone lines so you can pose the tough questions to them directly. More than half the webinar will be devoted to a dialogue with you, our guests.

Why five years? Why not? Five years ago “Sales 2.0” was a buzzword and “social media” probably was in its infancy as a conversation point. Now new social media platforms sprout like flies and the conversation has evolved past whether to jump to how to do it for better results to which platforms are essential and who should drive them.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Meet the guys in past episodes of SalesChaosTV.
  2. Learn about Dan Waldschmidt and Todd Schnick on their websites.
  3. Register now for the webinar. You’ll spend a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding hour with us.

  Oh, and spread the word!