Companies are reframing customer service as a strategic method for gathering important information to inform marketing direction and product development. While you can obtain valuable insights by monitoring your social media channels, adding insights from your call center will provide a greater breadth and depth of information.

According to Bruce Temkin of the Temkin Group, “The contact center has always housed a large percentage of important interactions with customers, but companies learn very little from these key touchpoints. That’s changing. Newer technologies allow companies to extract deep insights from unstructured content like recorded calls, emails, and chat sessions. Leading companies will learn what drives satisfaction and loyalty, and use the information to change the products they sell, how they market their offerings, and how they service customers.”

How to Employ This Customer Service Strategy

Whether you monitor live or recorded calls, whether you use state-of-the-art speech recognition technology like Envision’s SpeechMiner or VIP’s Speech Analytics software, or whether you train a special team of customer service strategy analysts to listen to your customers just like you train quality analysts to listen to your agents, understanding the customer’s point of view is invaluable in knowing in which direction the company needs to move.

Some things to listen for include:

  • What your customers say about your products and your company
  • Why they’re buying your products—and why they’re not buying them
  • The technical difficulties your customers face when trying to find information or place an order on your website
  • Which calls could be handled more quickly and less expensively by a self-service option
  • How your customers are reacting to your promotions
  • What your customers say about their online shopping experience
  • Reasons for low sales conversions that are beyond your sales team’s control
  • What customers most frequently complain about

Whether you go high tech or low tech, start listening today. Your customers will thank you for it!