Well, after a two-year hiatus, Experience on the Edge heretofore referred to as EOTE is back.  Rusty, gotta work that out, but back.  SO much has occurred in those past two years, that this show will be very different, though what remains the same is that I’m going to be talking about the cutting edge like a New Yawker should – which means we are gonna rock!

What makes this even cooler, is that Social Media Today, a really cool set of communities run by my bud, Robin Carey, is going to host this show and my other show – Work in Progress (a little more on that at the end of this podcast), not only taking the burden off of my having to host my own thing as in the past – but they’re just a blast to work with. I just hope that I can give them equivocal value to what they are giving me.

So without further ado, here are the contents of the show with of course, the musical attribution.

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Segment 1 – Opening Gun

After opening the show with the intro,  #1’s Opening Gun does two things.  First, goes through the format of the show – reflected in the segment titles here. Second, though, I editorialize on why I see that there is the beginnings of a serious discussion on the convergence of especially Social CRM and Enterprise 2.0 with a nod toward Vendor Relationship Management (VRM) trying to do that with the August 26 Doc Searls-led VRM/CRM discussion at Harvard’s Berkman School of Business. To further what I discuss (listen close), I’m both keynoting the Enterprise 2.0 conference in Santa Clara on November 8-11 and doing an SCRM track with Sameer Patel, E20 thought leader and awesome man, at the same conference. Check out why I think this is all happening.

Segment 2 – Industry Cuts and Bruises

Aside from marveling over the weird appropriateness of the music for this segment, I run through why I think that much of the discussion around a. the viability of CRM as an industry (Its $13 billion and growing. Say WHAT? ) and the definition of SCRM is stupid and ridiculous.  Where we should be going?  Check out the segment.

Segment 3 – Lists

Two parts again.  Good lists this time. But it won’t always be that way.  The top 5 books to read -  which are kinda, sorta 9.   And the most CRMish iPad application. Here are the top 5 books

  1. The New Polymaths – Vinnie Mirchandani
  2. Engage – Brian Solis
  3. Delivering Happiness – Tony Hsieh
  4. Managing Customers for Profit – Dr. V. Kumar
  5. The 3 books of the Stieg Larsson Trilogy
    1. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
    2. The Girl Who Played with Fire
    3. The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest

I also give the location where you can get five free (no registration required) chapters of my book “CRM at the Speed of Light,  4th Edition.   To get complete instructions on the download, you’ll have to listen.  Ha!

As far as the CRMish iPad app, listen in. I’ll just say it has to do with a car.

Segment 4 – Inside the Left Brain

My opening analysis of someone else’s research and analysis is something that, amazingly, Accenture did and more amazingly, which I liked.  This is a report called, “Onward and Up: How Marketers are Refocusing the Front Office for Growth” by the Accenture Marketing Transformation team.  Suffice to say, the conclusions are interesting – very interesting and, in the wake of the social “upheaval” somewhat surprising. But please, note the use of the word, somewhat.

Of course…The Music

  1. Show Opening – Social Revolution by Amish Electric Chair

    Amish Electric Chair
    "Social Revolution" (mp3)
    from "Straight. No Chaser."
    (Geykido Comet Records)

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  2. Opening Gun – The Beginning feat. Johnny Utah

    "The Beginning" (mp3)
    from "Classic Agenda"
    (Rep Life Records)

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  3. Industry Cuts and Bruises – I Can See It by The Virgo 9
  4. Lists –  Best Kind of Something by Deena
  5. Inside the Left Brain – Left Side of the Brain by E Da Boss, Gift of Gab

    E da Boss, Gift of Gab
    "Left Side of the Brain" (mp3)
    from "Nick Andre & E da Boss Present : Every Man for Himself"
    (Slept On Records)

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  6. Closing –Rollin’ by Maria Daines

A Brief Final Note

In a few weeks (check back here and on my varying blogs for notification), we’re going to launch the second podcast – Work In Progress where we’ll discuss case studies gone well and gone wrong and interview people doing real work in things related to Social CRM – not just management, but also for example, the customer service rep who is being asked to facilitate a community.  You get the picture.

The only change from the past is a welcome one. I’d like to announce that Esteban Kolsky, a true CRM industry thought leader and my great friend is going to co-host the show with me.   I can’t wait for this.  Stay tuned for a bigger deal than just this note. But I REALLY wanted to get this out now.