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Continuous Customer Engagement

I was reading last night about engagement. In my book “Get Bold” we defined engagement as the emotional connection with your client or employee, usually created by exceptional experiences that are integrated, interactive, and identifying.A Social...

Posted April 2, 2014    

A Christmas Card Before Thanksgiving? 3 Social Listening Questions to Think Through

Holidays!OK, I love my holidays!   All of them and we celebrate and decorate for all of them at my house.   My kids love the energy and excitement and learning about each.But this weekend, I received my first Christmas card....

Posted November 23, 2012    

2 Social Ecosystems Will Emerge?! China and Rest of World

I was awaiting Tom Smith’s new Global Web Index and I found the results fascinating.   I’ll blog for the next 3 days on surprising results from the survey! The first surprise to me, is the progression of China in Social.   In...

Posted February 22, 2012    

Is Bigger Better? For Small/Medium Businesses, Social Is the Great Equalizer

Yesterday a very small tree shed a very big leaf! Take a look! My biggest tree has the smallest leaves and my little tree produced this HUGE leave! This leaf caused me to think about small and medium businesses and the value of social to them....

Posted December 22, 2011