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Effective Instagram Marketing: DOs and DON'Ts

A picture is worth ten thousands likes. There’s no question that Instagram is the “underdog” social network that proves there is still room for smaller social networks to be successful…and acquired by Facebook.Instagram offers a brilliant platform,...

Posted January 31, 2013    

Facebook and Bloggers: A Winning Combination

Facebook promotions. Whether it’s a contest or a campaign, Facebook promotions are seen as the golden gate to a larger fan base, dedicated customers, and increased engagement. The grab and reward idea for brands for racking up fan numbers isn’t a...

Posted July 2, 2012    

5 ways Colleges and Universities are Turning Google+ into the Ultimate Recruiting Network

Despite lingering on the cusp of mainstream use and popularity, Google+ brand pages have opened up a niche door for universities and colleges to engage and entice potential students. Mashable recently highlighted 17 universities currently using...

Posted November 30, 2011