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Understanding Social Media in China in 2014

The social, digital and mobile ecosystem in China is unlike anywhere else on earth.With a wide variety of home-grown platforms, technologies and behaviours, understanding the Chinese digital landscape can be both daunting and difficult.Fortunately,...

Posted April 14, 2014    

Social, Digital and Mobile in Europe in 2014

Social, Digital & Mobile in Europe from We Are Social SingaporeWe’re delighted to announce the latest in We Are Social’s series of Social, Digital & Mobile Worldwide reports, this time with more than 250 pages of stats and...

Posted February 6, 2014    

250 Infographics on Social and Digital in Asia-Pacific

Following on from We Are Social‘s hugely popular Social, Digital and Mobile Worldwide in 2014 report last week, we’re very pleased to share an even more detailed look at the online landscape around the Asia-Pacific region.It...

Posted January 16, 2014    

Social, Digital, and Mobile Worldwide in 2014

The astonishing growth of all things digital continues to gather pace around the world, as We Are Social’s new Social, Digital & Mobile Worldwide report on the key social, digital and mobile stats from around the world...

Posted January 11, 2014    

ROI and Social Media: Going From Likes to Buys [INFOGRAPHIC]

Marketers often wonder how they should quantify the ROI of their social media activities.There’s rarely a straightforward answer to this – it always depends on the specific objectives of the brand, and social media’s role within the broader...

Posted July 29, 2013    

How to Build a Socially Oriented Brand

For the past few decades, marketing has been dominated by a mass-media paradigm.During that time, we’ve defined the ‘best’ marketing as that which makes the most efficient use of broadcast media, and as a result, we’ve spent decades perfecting an...

Posted June 21, 2013    

Social, Digital, Mobile in China

Get ready for some huge numbers, as our latest #SDMW report takes a comprehensive look at all the latest online stats from China.China has been the world’s largest online market for some time now, but its growth shows no sign of losing momentum...

Posted January 19, 2013    

How People Spend Their Time Online [infographic]

Continuing our run of graphic treats this week, here’s another great infographic that explores how people around the world split their time across different online activities.Social networking activities win a clear lion’s share of people’s...

Posted May 9, 2012