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How Did Gangnam Style Go VIral?

We're all feeling sufficiently fed up with Gangnam Style, be it the original or the enormous number of spoofs, but how did Psy hit the big time? This is about more than one Korean pop star becoming a global phenomenon it’s about our obsession...

Posted November 7, 2012    

Is Pheed the Next Big Thing?

A rise in popularity among celebrities has meant that new Social Media site Pheed has sprung up from nowhere to possibly be the next big thing.Forbes calls the self-funded start-up, ‘Twitter with a business plan’, the idea of Pheed is to share...

Posted October 19, 2012    

Three ‘Don't’s’ of Twitter

Don’t: Retweet Inanely You’re going to drop followers faster than the Barclays share price if you retweet parts of a conversation that are only entertaining to one person: you. If your friends went out on the town last night, that’s great, but don’t...

Posted July 4, 2012    

The Evolution of Facebook Campaigns

When putting together a social media campaign that is hung around Facebook there’s no formula as things change at such a pace that what would have worked six months ago probably isn’t even possible now. We’ve now come to expect entertainment...

Posted April 13, 2012    

Are Brands Turning People Into Adverts with Social Media?

Brand advocacy is often listed in the top reasons a brand should use social media. We create social media campaigns that make people feel an affinity with our brand, we become part of their day, helping them with tools we create and making them...

Posted March 5, 2012    

Measuring Influence on Pinterest

Pinterest is hotter than the sun right now and I’ve refused to write about it up to this point as I’m no bandwagon jumper. But then we started talking measurement and influence and here I am.I don’t deny it has value for certain brands and...

Posted February 28, 2012    

BBC and Sky News do not want journalists breaking stories on Twitter

The debate is roaring on whether the BBC are right in telling their journalists that they must report to their news desk before breaking a story on Twitter. This comes just days after Sky have similarly updated their social media policy. The...

Posted February 13, 2012