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The 10-60-30 Rule of Social Selling

If Social Selling is all about Connecting, Listening and Content Sharing, then getting started on Social Media can be a daunting task. Have you ever wondered which tools you could/should be using? And more importantly, how much time you need to...

Posted April 12, 2014    

6 Social Media Things to Do Before Breakfast

When you get involved in social media, you quickly learn that it requires regularity and discipline.  Creating a daily routine is of course one of the best ways to approach this.  Over time I have put together a 30-minute routine.Here are...

Posted January 27, 2014    

10 Reasons Jobseekers Don't Click Through on Recruiter's LinkedIn Profile

There is a lot of advice on how candidates should optimize their LinkedIn profile so they can be found by recruiters.  I recently came across this post 5 Reasons Recruiters Don't Click Through Your LinkedIn Profile which inspired me...

Posted December 15, 2013    

Is Paying for LinkedIn Ego-tripping?

The large majority of people are using LinkedIn for free.  However, you get constantly bombarded with upgrade requests from LinkedIn.  And yes, a number of people are paying but it is really needed or worth it?Let me be clear, if you are...

Posted September 26, 2013    

Employer Branding on your LinkedIn Company Page: A Myriad of Missed Opportunities

Social media is a great means to do Employer Branding.  There are not only content platforms such as YouTube, Pinterest, Blogs  and others, but also engagement platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+.When it comes to B-2-...

Posted July 1, 2013    

The Twitter Black Hole

I was recently putting together a presentation on Employer Branding when I ran across what I would like to call the Twitter “Black Hole.”  Many companies are using Twitter for posting jobs as part of their employer branding strategy which makes...

Posted May 1, 2013    

What's Your Daily Social Media Routine?

When you have joined the social media movement, the real work (and fun) starts.  I am always astonished that people ask me how much time they should spend on social media.  We all know this is an impossible question to answer since...

Posted July 16, 2012    

Who controls the social media policy creation?

We all know that control and social media are contradictory, but that is what people and companies think you achieve through a social media policy.Where in the past social media was the exclusive playing field of marketing, today HR, sales and other...

Posted May 31, 2012    

The Anatomy of a Good Social Media Policy

Whether your company is active on social media, your employees probably are.  So you should have a policy.  Over the course of the last few years I have been involved in writing and reviewing a lot of social media policies around the world...

Posted March 7, 2012    

Is LinkedIn Running Out of Steam for Recruiters?

Over the last couple of weeks I have had many recruiters in my social media classes and every time they focus all their attention on LinkedIn as a recruitment tool.  When I come to Facebook, they seem to be shutting down. It seems they do not...

Posted February 6, 2012    

Why the Political Parties Have No Social Media Policy?

2012 is an election year. This is not only the case in the US, but also in many other countries including my own, Belgium. There will be local elections and union elections this year.  But I am looking forward, with a lot of anticipation, to...

Posted December 26, 2011