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More BIG LinkedIn Design Changes

As if Contacts, Mentions, Plingm and Pulse are not enough excitement for LinkedIn users, today LinkedIn revealed key design changes aimed at streamlining the LinkedIn experience and helping us to more easily discover and discuss the content that...

Posted May 24, 2013    

Creating a Twitter #Hashtag: 7 Steps

You’ve heard about Twitter hashtags. Maybe you even use them. But do you understand why, and are you aware how powerful a hashtag can be to your brand, or your client’s branding campaign?The Hashtag's PurposeThe hashtag began as a humble idea: the...

Posted April 26, 2013    

New LinkedIn Feature Simplifies Search for Valuable Connections

LinkedIn’s profile redesign brought with it some interesting bells and whistles. The one I like the most is the super-simple tool that allows a member to sift through 1st connections’ connections (your 2nd and 3rd connections.)OK, I hear your wheels...

Posted January 30, 2013    

Quitting LinkedIn in 6 Easy Steps

 “Every time I think I’m out, they suck me back in.”OK, perhaps it’s a stretch to quote The Godfather, but beyond the claim of millions of LinkedIn members is a dark underbelly, if you will – thousands who wish to close their accounts but just...

Posted October 12, 2012    

4 1/2 Ways to Jobseek On LinkedIn...Without Tipping Off Your Employer

LinkedIn is a boon to jobseekers. But how can you look for that new dream job without tipping off your employer?These tips may help:Set Your Account for "Stealth Mode": Did you know you can “turn off” your public visibility? Simply click...

Posted September 13, 2012    

LinkedIn: Just a Habit You Can't Quit?

LinkedIn: Just a Habit You're Afraid to Quit?ROI...ROI...we hear a lot about it. But unless you are a marketing neophyte, you probably know by now that traditional ROI (Return on Investment) differs greatly from the "new" ROI (Return on Influence)....

Posted September 6, 2012    

LinkedIn: Is Upgrading to a Premium Account Worth It?

We hear a lot about strategy in connection with social media, but sometimes it’s tough to know if what you’re doing is actually working. For your website, Google Analytics tells the tale. For LinkedIn, I love the Premium Business Plus account. It...

Posted August 15, 2012    

Are You a Victim of Social Media Discrimination?

First impressions have always been important.Today, however, very little else may count at the outset of relationship building…especially when that first impression goes terribly wrong.As the saying goes, “You only have one chance to make a first...

Posted May 23, 2012    

When in Doubt, Link Out!

LinkedIn Spammers Make It Tough for Everyone, But a Good Offense is Your Best Defense As I checked my LinkedIn invitations yesterday, I noticed at least 10 “fake” invites. It’s no surprise. By now, 50 or 60 spammers have filtered through my...

Posted January 20, 2012    

10 Ways to Expose Yourself on LinkedIn in 2012

Who doesn’t want more and better clients in the new year? Can LinkedIn really help you get there?These 10 vital tips will help you make it happen:1. Don’t make people dig for who you are and what you do. You know why? Because they won’t.2. Tell...

Posted December 23, 2011