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Google Evolved: The Past, Present and Future of Search Engine Marketing

On September 4th, 1998, in Menlo Park, California, two PhD students came together and incorporated what would become the largest influencer on global marketing in recent history. With what began as a pet project, the founders truly believed that...

Posted September 8, 2013    

Marketers Beware the “Powerball Paradox”

In marketing today, there’s a huge misconception between virality and value in what I’m calling the “Powerball Paradox.” On one hand, there’s the ever-present need to spread your messaging far and wide- while on the other, there’s the realization...

Posted December 4, 2012    

Finally Unlocked: The Social Media ROI Formula

At last, it’s been done- A simple, proven social media ROI (smROI) calculation for both B2B and B2C marketing efforts. Though this formula has been the bane of marketers for the past decade, we can now begin to quantitatively analyze the variables...

Posted November 19, 2012    

Are Social Suites Bad for Marketing?

Whether you have a Klout score of 83 or 38 followers on Twitter, if you’re into social, you’ve probably thought about using a social suite.From Hootsuite to Eloqua, there are many providers trying to tap into this billion dollar industry and they’re...

Posted November 16, 2012    

20 Questions – Why Your Social Media Isn’t Working

The ProblemsDo you ever feel like your tweets and updates fall into a black hole, never to be seen again? Does your idea of building a following consist of spamming your entire friend list with a plea to like your page and share it with their...

Posted November 12, 2012    

The Digital Dilemma: How to Convert the Non-Believers

Business used to be an even playing field. With a good product or service, an owner could grow a company through networking, prospecting, advertising and marketing. Everything was tracked manually, and though it was painstakingly slow at times, this...

Posted September 8, 2012    

Quickly: 10,000 Likes or 10 Brand Evangelists?

If you were to hire a marketing consultant tomorrow and he or she offered you the option of receiving 10,000 real likes or 10 brand evangelists by the end of the month, which would you pick?Did you go with the 10,000 likes? Surely there’s a tangible...

Posted September 4, 2012    

Experiential Marketing and the Zero Moment Of Truth

There are moments in life that share a deep connectedness with what it means to be human. These moments can be as profound as meeting a significant other for the first time or as simple as sharing the last slice of pizza with a friend. The...

Posted August 31, 2012    

When Social Media Fails

How many times have you heard it said that social media can help your company? All you have to do is learn a few simple tricks about tweeting and likes and soon enough you’ll be living large. Better yet, just pay Mr. or Ms. Confidence a small...

Posted August 6, 2012