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Are Business Listing Services Actually Impartial?

Local listing business services—especially Yelp—have lately been under scrutiny.  Many users have argued that the sites do not offer impartial reviews from consumers as the sites also offer paid advertising campaigns. In many ways, it can be...

Posted February 14, 2014    

Essential Rules of Good Copywriting You Can't Get Around

Since there are thousands of sites out there that are vying for consumers’ attention, it is essential that you deliver your points quickly and easily enough for all Internet users to understand. If your copy can grab people’s interest and maintain...

Posted December 19, 2013    

Facebook is Beta Testing Hashtags

According to reports, Facebook has a plan to implement one of Twitter’s most usable features: the hashtag. Although the two social networking sites have their basic differences in social approach, local marketing specialists have begun to focus on...

Posted April 2, 2013    

Google+ Local Is Now Available for Businesses

Google+ Local Is Now Available Specifically For BusinessSince 2007, Google has been pushing local results. This push from the world’s largest search engine created a shift towards local internet marketing services. Google’s attitude has always been...

Posted March 9, 2013    

Predictions for 2013 Emerging Marketing Trends

If internet marketing experts are honest, they will say that no one can predict the future (even if they claim the ability). The best the experts can do is analyze current and historical trends and postulate what the future will hold based on that...

Posted December 20, 2012    

Local Business - Only 1.3% of Fans Actively Engage on Facebook

You read that title right. Of the millions and millions of users on Facebook, a new study by the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute found that almost 99% of Facebook fans do not engage with the brands they follow. The study recently published by AdAge...

Posted February 13, 2012