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How Will Twitter's "Facebookification" Affect Brands?

On Tuesday, Twitter posted a blog about how it’s revamping its layout and I suspect there were many people like me who checked the date to see if it was a belated April Fool’s joke. It wasn't and your eyes really are not deceiving you. The...

Posted April 11, 2014    

How Grocery Brands in the US are Filling up the Aisles Using Innovative Social Media Strategies [SLIDESHARE]

Some people say it’s a bad idea to go to the grocery store on an empty stomach. Baloney! It’s always a bad idea to go to the grocery store on full stomach. You never seem to be able to get any shopping done. Grocery stores often fight it out,...

Posted October 10, 2013    

Why Amazon Is Part of a Story That Has Nothing to Do With It

By now we’ve seen everything that could possibly be debated, discussed, dismissed, disputed about Jeff Bezos’s buy of the Washington Post. Yet, there is something remarkable that we have overlooked in all this chatter  – every media pundit and...

Posted August 9, 2013    

Viral Brand Videos: British Airways Tells You to Go Home to Your Mom

This week we have an odd concoction of videos which will amaze you and possibly make you shed a tear or two.#1 Best Buy “Marine Biologist”Best Buy, America's biggest electronic retail chain promotes their back to school offer in this video. In the...

Posted August 5, 2013    

How Insurance Companies Are Targeting You on Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

It must be hard to be a marketer in an insurance company. You are selling a necessary product that hardly gets the pulses racing like say, an iPad. However, some insurance brands come up with some really creative ways to get their message across -...

Posted February 2, 2013    

[Infographic] Who Wins The NBA Social Media Finals?

I’ve always been kinda short for my height, which meant I was usually one of the last to be picked when we played basketball at school. Even at soccer, the national sport of England, the coach decided that the best position for me was Left Back…in...

Posted June 14, 2012