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How Radical Transparency Can Help You Sell [VIDEO]

One of the values you need to adopt to be successful at social selling is transparency.I watched this video a few years ago and it is still just as valuable today, if not more so, as it was back then.In this video, Jeffrey Hollender discusses “...

Posted March 26, 2014    

Is an Employee the Same as a Customer?

A strange question you may think. If you are the leader within an organisation you should read on.The comparison I am trying to make is between an employee who loves their job and a loyal customer who loves your company.A loyal employee will be the...

Posted May 19, 2012    

Why complain using social media?

If you complain by phone or by email, how many people know about it? No one. Just you and the person at the end of the phone or opening the email. When you complain using social media, it is as though you are standing on the top of a tower block...

Posted April 24, 2012