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How Disney's MyMagic + Is Shortening Waits and Taking Theme Parks Mobile

Disney lovers who’ve always dreamed of moving to the front of long lines at their favorite attractions have something to smile about this year. The long anticipated MyMagic + program is expected to be fully integrated into Walt Disney World parks by...

Posted January 17, 2014    

4 Tools That Make It Easier to Follow Your Friends on Social Media

Over the past decade, social media has become a popular way to connect and communicate with friends online. But privacy settings on the various networks can make it difficult to find your friends through a simple name search. Sometimes, there are...

Posted June 19, 2013    

How One Op-Ed on Economics Soared to Popularity on Social Media

it’s no secret that much of the world’s economy has experienced a downturn in recent years. The economic woes of many European countries have been widely publicized. A recent piece in the U.K.’s The Guardian about shifting the focus to...

Posted June 5, 2013    

How Social Media Is Driving the Latest Trends in Enterprise Collaboration Tools

Video conferencing. Multi-person mobile chats. Device compatibility for collaboration tools. The field of virtual collaboration has become richer and more complex than ever before. Divisions between employees, clients, and the public are dissolving...

Posted April 9, 2013    

10 Ways to Use Social Media to Skyrocket Your Customer Loyalty

The best startups have a customer loyalty strategy – after all, it’s a lot easier and cheaper to keep happy customers than it is to recruit new ones. Every weapon at your disposal has to be used in the war for brand awareness and customer loyalty....

Posted February 25, 2013    

Letter to a Client: How to Successfully Outsource Your Social Media

I recently received a request from a friend who was hiring his first full-time, in-house social media talent. “How can I best set her up for success?  She really knows social media, but knows very little about my business or industry,” he asked...

Posted April 23, 2012    

Did Facebook Buy Instagram to Compete with Pinterest?

Different forces may be converging to drive a major strategic move by Facebook. Just hours ago, Facebook announced that it will pay $1 billion dollars to acquire Instagram. Instagram is the app that allows you to take photos, apply various filters,...

Posted April 10, 2012