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Are You Automating Your Social Media?

It is just over a month ago that Belgium had its first #kloutparty.  To attend you needed to prove (or not) your influence by having a high Kloutscore.Have you ever wondered how some of these young men and women have done it to increase their...

Posted October 12, 2013    

Participation – Amplification – Gamification

This is the time when everyone creates a list of things that were or things that will be.  Normally, I do not participate in this ritual but this year I  can’t stop myself.  The reason being that the lists I am seeing are so out there...

Posted January 5, 2013    

Corporate Social Media Amplified!

One of trends for 2013 will be “Amplification”. The times that companies and people rely on asking others to redistribute their posts and messages is over.  Just like with email, you as a fan are getting too many messages and notifications (...

Posted January 4, 2013    

Help! Where did the conversation go?

One of the first things we learn when we join Linkedin is that we need to participate in groups.  Whether you are a job seeker, marketeer, or a professional, you are told by social media experts and trainers you need to join groups to listen to...

Posted August 6, 2012    

The Social Media Alphabet

There was a time when the phonetic alphabet (Cfr. Wikipedia) was used to spell out letters.  Remember the “T for Tango” or “C for Charlie”.But today we live and work in a world with a whole new generational language and fairly soon there will...

Posted April 11, 2012