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Six Instagram Tips for B2B Businesses Who Want Social Marketing Success

Can B2B businesses flourish on Instagram?  Would it make sense for your B2B company to devote money, time and employee social media marketing resources to Instagram?  We believe the social photo-sharing app should be part of your social...

Posted February 24, 2014    

Paid Social Media is No Longer an Option: Here's Your Twitter Advertising Info to Get You Started

How does your business use Twitter Advertising to gain more followers, promote an event, drive more traffic to your website, sell more products/services or grow its email marketing list?  Well, we’re glad you asked.  Our latest social...

Posted February 19, 2014    

Six Superb Google+ Tips to Increase Your Google Plus Expertise

Do you want to improve your Google+ for business expertise?  Are you looking for new ways to engage your Google Plus social media users and grow your brand’s presence on the social network?  We’re going to share six tips to get you started...

Posted December 4, 2013    

5 Unforgivable Social Media Mistakes

Looking for social marketing tips to help grow your business?  Here’s something a little different.  Here are five unforgivable social media mistakes to avoid at all costs.  If you don’t heed our advice, then you’ll need more than a...

Posted November 7, 2013    

Grow Your Visual Footprint: Instagram Tips and Tools

How can your business use Instagram more effectively to engage with your target audience?  We’re going to share a grab-bag of content giving you some tips for using Instagram effectively while also pointing you towards some Instagram tools that...

Posted October 16, 2013    

Your Business's Heaping Helping of Hashtag Strategies for Facebook

Has your business begun adding Facebook hashtags to its social marketing strategy?  In a previous Facebook for business post, we introduced you to hashtags for Facebook business pages.  Now, we are going to provide you with ways to...

Posted August 22, 2013    

Three Twitter Tips That You Will Not Read Anywhere Else

Did our headline grab your attention?  Well, that’s great news!  However, our teaser promising three Twitter tips that you will not read anywhere else is not really true.  Do you find that somewhat disingenuous of us?  We’re...

Posted August 14, 2013    

Warning: This Instagram Information Will Increase Your Social Media Success

 Is your business using Instagram incorrectly and driving away fans?  Do you need a few new social media strategies to grow your brand’s social network community on Instagram?  Read this blog post and you’ll discover the do’s and the...

Posted June 27, 2013    

To Auto-Post or Not To Auto-Post? The Answer is somewhere in the middle.

Are you setting your social media marketing on cruise control by auto-posting with third-party APIs?  I’ll offer a bit of advice.  Take the time now – after reading this informative blog post of course – to step back and rethink that...

Posted May 24, 2012