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How to Embed a Twitter Widget

It’s any Twitter timeline, to-go. With Twitter’s newly updated widget, which the company released at the beginning of September, you can embed the full Twitter.com experience on any website.What does that mean? Now, you can re-create a timeline as...

Posted September 12, 2012    

How to Use Twitter Ads

Call it the Facebook trickle down effect. In the wake of Facebook’s apparent struggle for a more concrete revenue model, other big-name startups have also launched big-time pushes for revenue. Just as Facebook’s new in-game subscriptions for Zynga...

Posted August 24, 2012    

Facebook Releases its Carbon Footprint Report

Today, Facebook announced the release of its carbon footprint metrics in a special Facebook app, dedicated to the reporting. The data puts Facebook below Google’s stated cabon footprint industry average in 2010, and is promising for tech industry ‘...

Posted August 1, 2012    

Twitter Hack: 5 Ways to Automate Twitter

When IFTTT launched in late 2011, tech publications lauded the startup as a haven for nerds. Almost a year later, the same may be true for IFTTT, a website that connects digital channels, from RSS feeds and social networks to cell phones and email...

Posted July 19, 2012    

Meet the New Wave of Facebook Frictionless Sharing Apps

Frictionless sharing: One man's meat is another man's poison, as the old adage goes.  When Facebook first announced the launch of social graph and frictionless sharing, brands were slow to pick up on the advantage that these features offered....

Posted June 20, 2012    

The Rise of the Social Media Curator

The Internet is a mess. There’s so much information out there that it’s a blessing we can find anything at all. Sure, you can ask Google for a hint, as long as you know what you’re looking for. But when it comes to discovering new and inspiring...

Posted April 26, 2012