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Are Apps Replacing Bookmarks?

 If you use an iPhone, iPad, or Android device you probably rely heavily on apps to get to some of the  companies you used to visit via your web browser.  Think about it, Facebook on your iPhone, banking app on your Android phone,...

Posted October 11, 2011    

15 reasons Your Brand Needs a Mobile Strategy

  Reach: Cell phone penetration is currently 89% of the US population. By way of comparison, this is better than penetration figures for cable TV, home internet access, and PC’s in the home. Acceptance: In the USA, over 102 billion text...

Posted May 4, 2011    

Facebook surpasses 300 Million Users

From Mashable – While Twitter may be getting the majority of the press in the Facebook-Twitter competition, Facebook’s still the 800 pound gorilla in the room. Today the world’s largest social network made that clear by announcing that they now...

Posted September 15, 2009    

“It’s on Sale” The mobile opportunity – people are buying now

Retail Mobile Coupons are a idea who’s time has come. Borders Books UK had a 69% opt-in rate for mobile coupons, among existing e-mail club members! This was with no in-store promotion. Why, because they are easy to use. No need to print them, they...

Posted August 11, 2009    

Volkswagen Kicks Off Mobile Campaign

Mobile Marketing Watch : Volkswagen, promoting itself as “the official automotive partner of Major League Soccer,” has embarked on a 19 city mobile marketing tour. In this regard, they are mobile in a physical sense as well as a digital one. The...

Posted June 17, 2009    

Nielsen To Mobile Marketers: “Good Luck 2 U”

Mobile marketing Watch: Nielsen Mobile is so upbeat about SMS marketing, its analysts even use the jargon! In its December 2008 report titled “The Short Code Marketing Opportunity,” Nielsen Mobile outlines the success of numerous SMS campaigns,...

Posted June 11, 2009    

Is Mobile Marketing Getting All Spammed Out? – eMarketer

Spam Splosion! “We have met the enemy…and he is us.” —Pogo Everyone with an e-mail account knows what spam looks like. But where does it all come from, and where does it go? One thing is certain—there is a lot of it. According to MessageLabs, the...

Posted June 8, 2009    

Juniper: Real ROI Will Propel Mobile Ad Spend To $5.7B Within Five Years

Mobile Marketing Watch: Good news for mobile marketing service providers: Spending on mobile advertising will see strong growth even while other channels suffer during the global recession, according to  Juniper Research. Mobile ad spend will...

Posted June 6, 2009    

The British are Coming… to Mobile Marketing!

Mobile Marketing Watch: Remarkable but true, the growth of mobile marketing in Africa and Asia have outpaced the growth (and, mostly, acceptance) of mobile marketing in the United Kingdom. But according to a recent report from the European...

Posted May 31, 2009    

Jim Beam taps mobile to introduce Red Stag bourbon

May 28, 2009 Jim Beam uses mobile to introduce new Red Stag bourbonMobile MarketerKid Rock’s lovin the cherry bourbonBeam Global Spirits & Wine Inc. is using mobile as part of a multichannel effort to promote its new cherry-infused bourbon...

Posted May 28, 2009    

Mobile, Social and Email Interact

Link to original post

Posted May 25, 2009    

Denny’s Serves Up a “Grand Slam” Mobile+Social Campaign

Mobile Marketing Watch: Restaurant chain Denny’s has unveiled a new multimedia promotional campaign to help change its image. The company is targeting young, late-night diners by offering original mobile content including a free iPhone application...

Posted May 19, 2009    

Survey: one in five US households are cellphone only – Ars Technica

The latest results from the National Center for Health Statistics’ survey on wireless phone use are in, and they reveal that just over 20 percent of all US households have now cut the wire and exclusively use cell phones for voice communication....

Posted May 11, 2009    

Survey: Mobile Internet Adoption Continues To Rise

Finally a mobile shopping survey done by someone other than a mobile ad network. See the impressive results from this PriceGrabber survey Though it may come as no surprise, mobile internet adoption and overall usage is still steadily increasing....

Posted May 10, 2009    

Follow the Mobile User

Focus on the mobile user, and all else will follow by Vic Gundotra, Vice President of Engineering for Google’s mobile and developer products. (Prior to Google, he spent 15 years at Microsoft, most recently as their GM of Platform Evangelism....

Posted May 3, 2009    

Mobile increasingly important for social networks: Nielsen

Mobile is playing an increasingly important role in social networking, according to Nielsen. Nielsen Online found that British mobile Web users have the greatest propensity to visit a social network through their handset, with 23 percent—2 million...

Posted April 30, 2009    

Brands starting to get mobile: ThinkMobile panelists - Mobile Marketer

NEW YORK - Brand marketers are finally discovering mobile as a medium for building unique strategies for one-to-one user engagement. The channel is a new opportunity to have real creative engagement. A panel of speakers at MediaBistro’s ThinkMobile...

Posted April 27, 2009    

Traveling and Using Skype on iPhone in Mexico

I recently installed the Skype app on my iPhone. It works well at home on any WIFI connection, but I wanted to put it to the test out of the US. On a recent trip to Mexico I was able to use the free WIFI at the Starbucks in Playa del Carmen Mexico....

Posted April 24, 2009    

U.S. texters sent 1 trillion SMS messages in 2008

CEO Steve Largent told show-goers that the numbers of SMS messages sent by U.S. wireless subscribers rose to a staggering 1 trillion last year—or triple the piddling 363 billion text messages we sent in 2007. That comes out to about 3,700 text...

Posted April 23, 2009    

Mobile Influence Predictions 2009-2020

The latest Trendspotting presentation on Mobile. Link to original post

Posted April 23, 2009